Aditya Aryal aka sadhu-X

His visions are based more on personal experience and thought process that has been evoked by the urban surrounding of Kathmandu.

His works involves a lot of line works forming different forms of human expressions composed with different forms of pattern. His style is mixture of aboriginal art, mithila, thanka and urban creating a unique visual language that gives the sense of abstraction and naïve. Aditya loves to spray paint his vision which is more like fast drawing forming human forms representing his state of mind and tagging his name all around the city. Currently he is acting as a creative head in Artlab collective and getting involved in different art project to pursue his career as a full time artist which he loves it. Hobby: drinking coffee, talking ideas, hiking to nature, tagging, music.Aditya and art Art is kind of meditation for me and whenever I seem to be distracted, I like to paint n draw to make my mind straight.

Shows & Exhibitions

  • RE-FUZED at bhaktapur group show 2010
  • RE-FUZED at basantapur(UNDER ONE SUN ) 60TH anniversary for UN HCR 2010
  • BOXES OF NIGHT solo show 2011
  • No Name No Theme Just Art at TINGS group show 2012
  • ARTLAB presents:ETTIKAI Group show at Redmud coffee shop 2013
  • A Federal Life at yalayamakendra
  • Prasad at Tings Group Show 2013
  • Neon Stream At Base Camp 2013



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