Kiran Maharjan aka H11235

My work usually revolves around characters and elements of photo realism in them. The elements are mostly inspired from traditional Nepali characters and influences from everyday life. Craftsmanship and experimentation holds a high stature in my works.

“Art for me is a conversation starter…….”   Education Currently studying BFA, Final year at Kathmandu University Centre for Art and DesignExhibitions “Etikai”-Doodle and Drawing exhibition, 2013 “Sell out” Street Installation, Basantapur Square, 2012 “Prasad” Heroes of Nepal, Tings Tea Lounge, 2013 “Neon Stream”, Base Camp, 2013 “From Real to Surreal: A Meditative Journey”, Siddhartha Art Gallery, 2013Experience Illustrator and Street Artist at Artlab Life since 2012 Mural artist for Kolor Kathmandu (Lalitpur and Baitadi), Sattya Media Arts Collective


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