Let beauty take over this month, Mural by JESUS in Buddha Marga ,Nakhipot


New Street art in Buddha Marg at Nakhipot by Jesus.

He wanted to make this piece because he found “BEAUTY” in the smile of his sister. He says my sister’s smile is the most beautiful thing in the world and that is beauty for me. He hopes that people know the value of smile and what impact it can bring in the the world. Every one in this world has a problem, it may be small or big. However we cannot forget the life ahead of us and the wonders it can bring  if we think positive, learn to simile and spread happiness. He says it is so simple to smile but we don’t. He is hoping to bring a smile to the people walking in the streets.

We admire what Jesus wanted to say, and also the message. We forget the small and simple things in life, but these small things make our life big. The world is moving in a fast pace, but we cannot forget what simple things can do.

Stay tuned for more art around the city and the country. Keep your eyes open and enjoy the ART.

In collaboration with Asian paints Nepal.


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