Press conference at Kathmandu Metropolitan city/ KTM WALKS




There was a press conference on the 18th of September at the metropolitan city to start off the KTM walks happening from the 20th of September to 27th of September.

KTM WALKS is a movement to reclaim streets for people and promote walking and cycling culture!

Urban core areas are traditionally designed for walking and communal space for people to meet. But now the streets are largely occupied by motor vehicles, which has not only made the city less walkable but also contribute to traffic congestion, air pollution, noise pollution, road accidents etc. making the city more unsafe and less livable.

“Ktm Walks” is a campaign to reclaim the streets occupied by vehicles and promote walking and cycling. The goal is to build more livable and humane city. During this campaign, private motor vehicles will be restricted entering the certain stretch, and the space will be exclusively provided for the people to walk, cycle, play, eat, relax ….

The objectives of the campaign are:
• To reclaim the streets from motor vehicles and provide streets for people
• Promote sustainable mode of urban transport such as walking, cycling and riding public transport
• Aware public about the importance of walking and cycling
• Contribute to making the city safer and livable

The campaign will be organized in certain stretch in urban core areas for certain period of time. During the campaign different activities such as heritage walk, cycle rally, food stalls, performance, aerobic will be organized on the street to make lively, vibrant and fun. Different other promotional activities will be carried out to promote walking and cycling.

In the long run, the campaign will be organized every Saturday with lead coordination from Kathmandu Metropolitan City. This campaign is expected to be fundamental tool to sensitize public, and to reduce private vehicle dependency step by step by developing culture of sustainable mobility.

There will be street art to promote the good cause by Artlab, Every one should participate at least one day to see the difference the people are trying to make in the city.



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