Street Art Talk @ Siddhartha Art Gallery







Amalgam art talk series “Street art in Nepal” was at Siddhartha Art Gallery. Artudio, Artlab and Sattya presented about there works on the Street art scene in Nepal. There were plenty of art enthusiastic and Artists present there  to listen to the speakers.

Artudio talked about the history of Nepali murals, slogan typography and the arrival of graffiti and street art in Nepal. 

Artlab talked about ” why street art is relevant to Nepal ” and the upcoming project PRASAD.

Sattya talked about Kolor Kathmandu , challenges and opportunities in Street art for young artists.

There were number of questions from the artists and art enthusiastic to know more about the Street art  in Nepal. We are sure many people were informed about the Street art movement  in Nepal and learnt as much as they could from the young street artists and project initiators. The future looks bright for street art and we can see the growing number of street artists in Nepal.


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