What’s next from SZN

machha1      buda-

Art prints coming soon by SZN

He gets his inspiration from the likes of Sicott, Francoise Nielly, David walker and also Banksy. He has tried different styles in the street to figure out which way he can express more. His street piece are more about giving message and making people think.

He initially worked with organic shapes in art noveau style but now his works has a geometric touch to it. His style includes transforming his subjects into different forms of shapes, either geometric or organic. He is also into creating 3D pieces. His love for paper folding and junk sculptures also proves that. He loves to experiment with his mediums from junks to acrylic spray cans to paper folding.


Street art by SZN. Coming soon on T shirt, hoodie and bag. You can message us regarding any information.


Kavre-for-Kolor-Kathmandu-large      480178_414629941960755_1964489458_n

Street art by SZN. Stay tuned for more creations from him.




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