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Doodles by 2012

1)Title : Doodles up ,    Medium: Ink and pencil on paper,    Prize: Rs 4,950

2) Title: Doodles  ,    Medium: Acrylic on plastic,   Prize: 4,950

I am an illustrator and graphic designer who loves to work with watercolors and junk materials. I love all aspects of visual imagery so I tend to explore whatever is new to me.

“I get inspired by people and their various moods, vintage color palette,  comic books and  Swiss complexity”

– 2012

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    Murals by 2012

The thing I do on the street is how I look at the street. I see people. They fascinate me. I see colors in them. I see crudeness in them. My style on the street is a straight narrative 

– 2012

Get to know the artist better and and is upcoming works on fabric , canvas , walls and more. For any information you can mail us at artlab.ktm@gmail.com.




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